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Who made the Kanji?

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The theory assumed that it is an individual to have invented the Chinese
character is not so general now.

However, the person named Souketsu is supposed to have invented the Kanji on
the legend.

He appears in some documents. It is said that having noticed it what kind of is bird and a beast to see bird and beast's footprints, and to have left the footprint be able to be distinguished became a chance that he invents the Kanji him.

When he invented the Kanji, grain fell from the heaven, and the extraordinary natural phenomenon happened.
This image is a picture of Souketsu. He has four eyes, and is drawn in the appearance that cannot be thought very much with human. Because he is a person in the legend, no one has seen.

However, the Kanji seems for people in China that made the Kanji to exist when this image is seen mysterious.

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