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How many Kanji are there?

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The number of Kanji was assumed that about 50,000 was common sense. However, it cannot be said that the number of Kanji is about 50,000 recently.

Because about 85,000 Kanji are collected to the dictionary published in China in recent years. In the world of the computer, about 170,000 and 180,000 can be used for the Kanji.

Then, how many Kanji do you only have to know in our daily life?

In a certain investigation, if we know the Kanji of about 2500, we seem to be going to know 99.9% of the Kanji that appears to the newspaper of two months.

If we know about 2500 characters, we are enough to read the newspaper. We are enough if there are about 3500 characters to read various books.

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