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How many Kanji are there?

The number of Kanji was assumed that about 50,000 was common sense. However, it cannot be said that the number of Kanji is about 50,000 recently.

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Why is the Kanji called "Kanji"?

Many of population of China are "Han race". Generally, it is people of "Han race" that call "Chinese".

In the meaning of character that and "Han race" are using, it is called, "Kanji".

The Kanji was told from China to Japan in about the first century at B.C.

Who made the Kanji?

The theory assumed that it is an individual to have invented the Chinese
character is not so general now.

However, the person named Souketsu is supposed to have invented the Kanji on
the legend.

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History of Kanji

Shell bone character for Horse(Uma)

"Shell bone character" that began to be used in around 1300 in B.C. is called the first Kanji.

This character was used to engrave it to record the content in turtle's shell used for the fortune-telling at that time.

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